How To Read Your Boxer’s Body Language

Our Boxers mightn’t speak English but they can get their point across perfectly well without words. Boxers are expert communicators: play bows and tail wagging are just the start of the spectrum of body language they use to signal how they feel and what they want. Sometimes it’s obvious and common to all dogs, but …

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Introducing a Boxer to a new puppy in order to have two Boxer dogs

How To Introduce A Boxer To A New Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting, but it can also be tricky when you already have an adult Boxer. Introducing a new puppy to your Boxer should be done slowly and carefully with safe, structured interactions over several days and close supervision during early weeks in order to set the dogs up for a …

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Boxer dogs are considered dangerous in some quarters.

Are Boxer Dogs Dangerous?

Few of us think of our Boxers as “dangerous”, so aggression in a Boxer dog tends to take the owner by surprise. Boxers, like any dog, can be dangerous — usually as a result of aggression directed towards other dogs, which may then envelop people who try to break up the fight. Occasionally Boxers have mauled …

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Boxer dog with skin problems

Boxer Lumps, Bumps And Other Skin Problems (And Solutions)

Boxers can suffer from a variety of skin problems, most of which can be traced to shortcomings in the diet and general care. Skin conditions in Boxer dogs range from skin tags, dryness and rashes to cysts, mange and mast cell tumors. Identifying irregularities in your Boxer’s coat is an important part of taking care …

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Boxer dog during a fast

9 Reasons You Should Fast Your Boxer

We all want to raise Boxers bursting with health and vitality, yet few of us are aware of one of the most powerful ways we can do this: fasting. By fasting your Boxer as part of his regular dietary routine, you can promote optimal health, prevent disease and often resolve symptoms without medication. Fasting is …

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Putting a Boxer dog to sleep

Time To Say Goodbye: Euthanasia And Your Boxer

In the best of all worlds, your Boxer will pass peacefully at home when the time comes. Many of us must grapple with putting our Boxers to sleep when quality of life is so diminished that euthanasia becomes the kindest choice. If your Boxer is in unmanageable pain with no prospect of improvement, you will …

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