Itchy Boxer dog skin

7 Reasons Your Boxer Has Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is a common complaint in Boxers, as it is in other breeds, but the cause is often overlooked and the dog unnecessarily medicated. When a Boxer constantly scratches, it is usually a reflection of a highly processed diet, kibble being the chief culprit. Other sources of itching in Boxers include the ingestion or …

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Boxer puppy yet to be named

How To Come Up With A Good Name For A Boxer

Naming your new Boxer, like most things to do with dog ownership, is not a task you should outsource. It’s common for expectant puppy parents to read lists of dog names or post a picture and ask for suggestions on Facebook, settling on a name before they’ve even met their Boxer in person. While lists …

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Boxer dog with heart murmur

So Your Boxer Has A Heart Murmur? Don’t Panic. Read This

If a vet detects a murmur in your Boxer’s heart, it’s important to understand how serious the murmur is and what’s caused it. Heart murmurs are relatively common in Boxers but most are mild and don’t automatically mean the dog has underlying heart disease. What Is A Heart Murmur In Boxer Dogs? A heart murmur …

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Boxer dog displaying one of the breed's many amusing behaviors, the head tilt.

Your Boxer’s Funny Behaviors, Explained

How many times have you wondered what your Boxer is thinking when he does the things he does? Boxers have an extensive array of quirky behaviors that set them apart from the average dog and make us laugh on the daily — it’s why we love them so much. But what causes those crazy Boxer antics? …

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Boxer dog having head bobbing known as idiopathic head tremors

Boxer Head Bobbing Or Tremors: Causes And What To Do

Head bobbing in Boxers is not well understood but the condition is thought to be benign, insofar as it causes no distress, pain or damage to the dog. Also known as idiopathic head tremors, head bobbing affects otherwise healthy Boxers, and usually lasts for a few minutes, during which the head shakes uncontrollably but the …

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A Boxer puppy eats food bad for Boxer dogs

5 Foods Your Boxer Should Never Eat (Plus 1 Drink)

It goes without saying that Boxers should not eat processed foods like sweets, fast food or other junk food designed for human consumption. But there are a host of other inappropriate foods that threaten to do more than upset your Boxer’s stomach and which can result in a veterinary emergency or sow the seeds of …

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