Our story

The Boxer Dog Diaries were created by Jane Cowan.

Jane’s articles on dog health and wellbeing have been featured in publications including Dogs Naturally Magazine and The Bark.

She is the author of Supercanine, published in February 2021.

Cover of the book Supercanine by Jane Cowan

In a former life Jane studied the biological sciences and was once a medical student, but ended up becoming a writer instead.

She spent two decades as an award-winning journalist for Australia’s respected national public broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and reached the pinnacle of the profession as a foreign correspondent.

Then, she walked away from it all to combine her investigative skills with her greatest love: the Boxer dog.

In the Boxer Dog Diaries you will find reliable, well-sourced and up-to-date information specific to Boxers.

Written by a Boxer owner, for Boxer owners .. in service of the best breed to ever set paw on planet Earth.

Everything you read here has been thoroughly road-tested by Jane and Shiva … an intact, raw-fed Boxer with a long tail and floppy ears, named after the Hindu god of destruction.