Top 5 Best Brushes For Boxers

For a short-haired breed, Boxers do benefit from a considerable amount of regular brushing.

Our number one recommendation for grooming your Boxer is a deshedding mitt, with a curry comb-style brush a very close second.

Brushing your Boxer frequently:

  • Keeps the coat in top condition by sloughing off dead skin cells and loose hairs
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Promotes skin health by distributing natural oils
  • Removes pollutants and irritants that can accumulate on your Boxer’s coat and be licked off
  • Provides massage, relieving muscle tension and providing relaxation
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage which supports the body’s detoxification processes
  • Helps reduce the amount of shed hair that ends up on your floor, clothes and couch
  • Provides bonding through touch and time spent with your Boxer

1. Grooming Mitt

It comes as a shock to many first-time Boxer owners just how much the breed sheds.

While Boxers’ coats are certainly low maintenance, they do drop significant hair, year round.

It’s most obvious with white Boxers, because the color shows up on dark surfaces and clothes, but all Boxers shed quite a bit.

Improving the diet or discontinuing medication will trigger an uptick in shedding as part of detox and renewal.

A mitt like the Delomo Deshedding Glove is our go-to.

With soft, silicone grooming tips in the shape of your hand, you can tailor your brushing to your Boxer’s contours.

The five-finger design allows you to reach delicate parts like the face and under the tail.

It’s easy to peel off the shed hair when you’re done.

Stick it in the worm farm or compost heap!

How often should you brush your Boxer with a mitt like this?

Once a week is a good routine, although even once a day is not too much.

Quick sessions, often will help spare your living space the “Boxer glitter”.

2. Curry Comb

The Furminator is a great example of the curry comb style of bush.

Curry combs were originally designed to remove dirt, debris and old hair from horse coats where they’re generally used in a circular motion.

Less flexible than the glove-style mitts, but still short nubs that are gentler on the Boxer skin than traditional bristles.

3. Massager Brush

This brush is a worthy version of the curry comb.

Made in the USA by Vetnique Labs, the Furbliss is constructed from 100 per cent medical-grade silicone.

As a bonus, the back side of the brush can be used for removing fur and lint from clothes and car interiors.

It can even go in the washing machine or dishwasher for total cleaning.

4. Soft Bristled Brush

If you prefer a traditional brush, or want one that will work just as well on other longer haired dogs in the household, be sure to choose one with soft bristles.

Try the Clumsy Pets Palm-Held Brush made out of bamboo with boar hair bristles.

5. Bath Brush

The Bodhi is marketed as a bath brush because of its ability to be used when wet.

If your Boxer’s shedding is driving you to distraction, you may want to give this a try.

Remember, don’t be tempted to wash your Boxer more than four times a year.

Overwashing is a leading cause of itchy skin in Boxers.

This is because shampoo strips oils from the skin, leaving it vulnerable to tiny cracks called microfissures.

If your Boxer gets dirty in-between times, simply rinse off with pure water.

It’s Not Just About Brushing: The Role of Diet And Vaccines In Your Boxer’s Skin Health

Vaccines have also been implicated as a cause of skin problems in dogs.

In his book Pet Allergies, veterinarian Dr Alfred Plechner says 90 per cent of all skin conditions are traceable back to a vaccination.

You can minimize the damage by:

Diet is another major factor impacting dermatological health.

A raw-fed Boxer will have a glossy coat and almost no “doggy odor”.

Likewise, so called “Boxer gas” might be common but is in no way normal in a healthy Boxer — it’s a sign of digestive disturbance, signalling improper diet.

The usual culprit is kibble or other highly processed dog food.

So, if your Boxer smells bad, concentrate on optimizing the diet.

A fresh, natural canine diet is one comprised of fresh raw meaty bones, lean muscle meat and a little offal.

Ideally, a Boxer puppy is weaned straight from mother’s milk onto whole, raw foods.

Not sure how to go about it?

Take our free, 7-day eCourse which shows you, step by step, how to properly raw feed your Boxer.

Brushes Not To Use On Your Boxer

There are certain brushes to avoid using on your Boxer on account of them being unduly harsh on the skin.

Give a wide berth to brushes with:

  • Wire bristles
  • Stainless steel teeth
  • Plastic tipped pins

Opt for natural fibers where possible and ditch brushes made out of synthetic materials or those with strong odors.


Giving your Boxer a good brush at least once a week is one of the few regular grooming tasks the breed requires.

(Nail trimming is just about the only other.)

You don’t need a groomer, just a mitt or a curry brush. a few minutes here and there and you’re set!


Plechner, Alfred J, DVM, Pet Allergies: Remedies For An Epidemic, Very Health Enterprises, 1985