Best Clothes For Boxer Dogs: Our Top Picks For 2022

Clothes for Boxer dogs are more than fashion accessories.

There are times when a well chosen winter coat or rain jacket can keep your Boxer significantly more comfortable, protecting against the elements and even calming an anxious dog in the case of a “thundershirt”.

With their lean frames and deep chests, not all dog wear fits the Boxer physique.

Here we recommend some tried and tested dog apparel for Boxers that exudes both style and functionality.

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Do Boxer Dogs Need Jackets?

With their short, tight-fitting coats and brachycephalic snouts, Boxers tend to feel extremes of temperature, whether hot or cold.

Boxers are by no means outside dogs, and can use some extra protection when spending time outdoors in both summer and winter.

Best Winter Coats For Boxer Dogs

The best winter coat for a Boxer is one that has a warm lining, ideally made from natural fibers like cotton or wool.

A water resistant exterior will keep your dog warm and dry even when it’s misty out.

We love the Carhartt Insulated Chore Coat made from 100 per cent ring spun cotton.

Corduroy trim on the collar makes a nice finishing touc, along with two rivet-reinforced pockets and fully adjustable tabs at both neck and chest.

Choose from a range of colors from hunter orange to army green.

Machine washable and can go in the tumble dryer on low.

Heading to the snow with your Boxer or living in a cold part of the country?

Here are some winter care tips for Boxers.

Rain Jackets For Boxers

Rain never stopped a dog needing to be walked, which makes a quality rain jacket an essential part of your Boxer’s wardrobe.

The Canada Pooch Torrential Tracker boasts a waterproof shell in classic rubber ducky yellow with a reflective trim for maximum visibility even when skies are grey.

The pockets actually work and the cut gives full belly coverage.

The Weatherbeeta Comfitec Deluxe Dog Coat is another quality option.

The Weatherbeeta is a heavy duty coat, originally developed to protect horses from long hours in windy, rainy paddocks.

Equipped with a 1200 denier triple weave outer shell and 220g of warm polyfill, this coat has what it takes to protect your Boxer from the elements.

Other features include a stretch gusset and arched legs for ease of movement, large collar, full belly wrap and darts to provide a contoured fit.

High Visibility Vest For Boxers

If you and your Boxer are lucky enough to spend time rambling through the countryside or in the woods, you’ll want to be careful during hunting season.

The Hurtta Polar Visibility Vest with 3M reflectors will make sure your Boxer stands out from the other four legged inhabitants and from the foliage.

It’s fully waterproof, windproof, warm and rustle-free while remaining close fitting and ultra light.

Anti-Shed Lycra Onesie For Boxers

Every Boxer owner knows how surprisingly much the breed sheds for a short-haired dog.

As delightful as it is to have “Boxer glitter” strewn across every surface of your life, there are times when it doesn’t go down so well.

Like, when you’re staying with your folks for the weekend and bringing your Boxer.

The Shed Defender Onesie – As Seen On Shark Tank – is designed to contain shed hair within the suit.

The lightweight, breathable fabric is made from recycled polyester/spandex.

Gentle pressure from the suit may soothe dogs in a way similar to a thundershirt.

ThunderShirt Anti-Anxiety Jacket For Boxers

The ThunderShirt applies constant, gentle pressure to calm fear and anxiety, just like swaddling a human infant.

Useful as a drug-free, safe way to soothe your Boxer during fireworks, thunderstorms, travel and other stressful situations.

There are various versions but this is the patented ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket, said to work in 80 per cent of dogs.

If not, it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Need more help?

Cooling Vest For Boxers

Boxers really feel the heat and can suffer from heat stress and worse if you don’t manage them well in summer.

Pay particular attention during the change of season from spring to summer when temperatures can rapidly spike, or when unseasonably hot days occur.

Ideally keep your Boxer inside and out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

But if you must go out when it’s warm, a cooling vest can offer some protection.

The Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Evaporative Vest uses light-colored fabric to reflect solar radiation while evaporative cooling draws heat away from your dog’s skin.

Simply soak in water, wring out and fit over your dog’s harness.

Here are some more ways to keep a Boxer dog cool in hot, humid conditions.

Sun Shirts For Boxer Dogs

The Gold Paw Sun Shield Tee is one of our favorites.

We love this brand for its soft fabrics and attention to detail. (It’s so soft you’ll want to wash it inside a delicates bag!)

The sun shield offers lightweight protection from UV rays, is gentle on irritated or sensitive skin, and even has the seams on the outside, for maximum comfort.

The size 24 fits a 68 pound (31kg) lean male Boxer well.

Vests For Boxer Dogs

A second entry from Gold Paw, the Stretch Fleece Sweater is as comfortable as the sun shirt with a velvety finish, four-way stretch and added warmth for winter.

Consider going one size down for best, snug fit as the recycled polyester with a dash of spandex is super stretchy.

Be sure to wear with the seam on the outside.

Life Jackets For Boxer Dogs

If your dog spends time on boats, is lucky enough to go kayaking or to accompany you on the stand up paddle board, a life jacket like the Outward Hound Granby Splash Jacket is a good idea.

While many Boxers enjoy playing in and around water, they’re not a water dog breed and can tire easily.

Don’t take chances with your Boxer’s safety in deep water.

Test out any life jacket in the water to make sure it’s helping not hindering — sometimes they provide buoyancy but tip the dog in the wrong direction, interfering with balance.

Surgical Recovery Suit For Your Boxer

The Suitical Recovery Suit makes a pleasant alternative to the dreaded cone, offering post-surgical wound protection.

Made from light, breathable cotton and lycra, with four-way stretch, your dog can convalesce in comfort.

If you are looking for a surgical suit because you’re preparing to neuter or spay your Boxer, read this first so you understand the consequences this procedure can have for your Boxer.

It is best for a Boxer’s health to wait until at least two years old before considering desexing — the sex hormones produced by the testes and ovaries are involved in many bodily processes including normal growth and development, and they have a protective effect on overall health.

Removing a dog’s reproductive organs is an accepted practice in countries like the United States, where it tends to be equated with responsible dog ownership.

Plenty of conventionally trained vets are happy to perform the procedure as young as six months, with no mention of the adverse health effects.

As a result, many of us Boxer owners are unaware that neutering/spaying increases the incidence of a multitude of diseases, including mast cell tumors and cruciate ligament tears.

Nappies For Boxer Dogs

Here is an article of clothing that might seem ridiculous, until it solves the exact problem you have.

When your Boxer goes into heat for the first time, develops spay incontinence or enters his senior years, it can threaten his or her indoor status, especially couch privileges.

Dr. Judy Morgan’s Washable Reusable Dog Diapers can help protect furniture and fabrics, maintaining your dog’s indoor lifestyle.

Fun Hoodie For Boxer Dog

The BINGPET “Security” Hoodie is for those times when you want a little attitude with your Boxer dog apparel.

Who says you can’t be warm and cool at the same time?

Sure to garner a smile or two from passers-by.

Bandanas For Boxer Dogs

Perhaps your Boxer is just looking for a touch of style for a doggy date?

A Remy+Roo Bandana might be just the ticket.

Sun Hat For Boxer Dog

A hat isn’t as silly as it sounds, particularly if you have a white Boxer with a pink nose that may be prone to sunburn.

Avoidance of the sun during the middle of the day is the best strategy.

A hat, though, is preferable to sunscreen which your Boxer will only lick off and ingest.

You can teach a Boxer to do just about anything, including wearing a hat.

Try the Pawaboo Adjustable Baseball Cap.

Sunglasses For Boxer Dogs

Depending on how far you want to take your sun protection (and how much your Boxer will tolerate) there are even sunglasses for dogs, like the QUMY Waterproof Dog Goggles.

While this may be a step too far for most, dog sunglasses can serve a legimate need e.g. postoperatively if your Boxer ever requires eye surgery.

Funny Boxer Dog Costumes

For the more formal occasion, a Kuoser Dog Tuxedo might be more your pup’s speed.

Halloween Costume For Boxer Dog

Your Boxer is into everything, and that will include your Halloween celebrations.

Delight the kids when trick or treating with a Boxer in full bat regalia.

Made from lightweight, felt fabric, the Rypet Bat Wings Costume provides maximum comic value with minimum bother to your Boxer.

Great for parades, parties or photo shoots.


A few key pieces of apparel for your Boxer can make a good investment, allowing your Boxer to enjoy an active, outdoors lifestyle no matter the season.

The Boxer shape is unique and even within the breed every dog is different.

European Boxers, for instance, tend to be bulkier than those with American bloodlines.

So, be prepared to try several sizes to find the right fit for your wigglebutt.