Hygroma on dog elbow

Hygromas In Dogs? The Simple Cure

Hygromas in dogs are something I’d never heard of until it happened to us.  When a vet first mentioned it, my reaction was “Can you spell that?” Since then we’ve learned a lot. And my Boxer Shiva’s hygromas are now gone — without any veterinary intervention or invasive procedures. This article describes how we did …

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Close up of calcinosis circumscripta lump on dog’s chest

Strange Skin Lesions? Think Calcinosis Cutis In Dogs

This article provides an owner-described case study with photos documenting calcinosis circumscripta in dogs, a condition closely related to calcinosis cutis in dogs. In the author’s 18-month old boxer, prolonged high-dose prednisone caused the calcinosis. Oozing white sores of calcium-phosphate first appeared on the underside of the tongue. They spread to bony prominences including shoulders and chest. …

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Boxer dog with mucus in poop

Mucus In Dog’s Poop: When It’s A Good Sign

When owners see large amounts of mucus in their dog’s poop, they often think the worst.  But it’s important to realize mucus can also be seen in the stool when the body is healing.  In this case the mucus is not a symptom of a disease, but a sign of the opposite: recovery.  I am …

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Stages of dog paw cyst healing over 3 weeks

Dog Paw Cyst? Read This First

This is what a paw cyst looks like on a dog: a bulbous swelling or lump on the paw, between the toes. When my dog’s cyst first appeared he had been on high-dose steroids (prednisolone) for almost a year.  It formed right at the end of that godawful period, just as we were tapering off prednisolone.  …

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Dog suffering the side effects of prednisone

What Prednisone Does To Your Dog’s Body

The side effects of prednisone in dogs can be severe and leave lasting damage, extending far beyond the increase in appetite and toileting accidents typically mentioned by vets. This article offers a case study of how prednisone affected an 18-month-old Boxer. My pup had been healthy prior to the meningitis for which he was given …

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Boxer dog with skin problems

Boxer Lumps, Bumps And Other Skin Problems (And Solutions)

Boxers can suffer from a variety of skin problems, most of which can be traced to shortcomings in the diet and general care. Skin conditions in Boxer dogs range from skin tags, dryness and rashes to cysts, mange and mast cell tumors. Identifying irregularities in your Boxer’s coat is an important part of taking care …

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Putting a Boxer dog to sleep

Time To Say Goodbye: Euthanasia And Your Boxer

In the best of all worlds, your Boxer will pass peacefully at home when the time comes. Many of us must grapple with putting our Boxers to sleep when quality of life is so diminished that euthanasia becomes the kindest choice. If your Boxer is in unmanageable pain with no prospect of improvement, you will …

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