Itchy Boxer dog skin

7 Reasons Your Boxer Has Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is a common complaint in Boxers, as it is in other breeds, but the cause is often overlooked and the dog unnecessarily medicated. When a Boxer constantly scratches, it is usually a reflection of a highly processed diet, kibble being the chief culprit. Other sources of itching in Boxers include the ingestion or …

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Boxer dog having head bobbing known as idiopathic head tremors

Boxer Head Bobbing Or Tremors: Causes And What To Do

Head bobbing in Boxers is not well understood but the condition is thought to be benign, insofar as it causes no distress, pain or damage to the dog. Also known as idiopathic head tremors, head bobbing affects otherwise healthy Boxers, and usually lasts for a few minutes, during which the head shakes uncontrollably but the …

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Old Boxer dog with degenerative myelopathy in back legs

Degenerative Myelopathy In Boxers: Symptoms And Care

Considered an “old dog’s disease”, degenerative myelopathy (DM) is nevertheless a heartbreaking condition that progressively robs Boxers of their mobility and quality of life. Degenerative myelopathy in Boxer dogs is a neurological condition similar to Lou Gehrig’s disease in people, that typically begins with rear end weakness but, over time, develops into full paralysis. There …

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How To Take Care Of A Boxer’s Coat (Bonus Skin Health Checklist)

Boxers’ short coats make them easy care dogs, but they still need brushing. Your Boxer will benefit from regular grooming with a soft rubber mitt-style brush. Combined with a fresh, natural diet, brushing will help keep your Boxer’s skin and coat in optimal shape. Plus, he will love the attention. I am not a vet. …

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A healthy Boxer dog nose is not dry or crusty

Dry, Cracked Or Crusty Boxer Nose: What It Means And How To Heal It

Your Boxer’s nose is a miraculous apparatus many orders of magnitude more powerful than your own. It is also an important indicator of your dog’s health, and a reflection of his nutrition. A variety of causes can result in your Boxer’s nose becoming dry, crusty or cracked — some of them serious but most, easily fixed. …

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How To Care For Your Senior Boxer

Much as we might like to pretend our Boxers will always be with us, these beautiful creatures grow up, flourish and age in the seeming blink of an eye. Ideally, the diet and lifestyle provided since puppyhood has set your Boxer up for a healthy old age defined by a gradual slowing down. Regardless of …

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