Can Boxers Go To The Snow?

Boxers generally delight in a wintery playground, but should never stay out too long. Temperature is just the most obvious of several potential hazards to be aware of if you’re living in a cold climate with your Boxer or visiting the snow. Cold Weather Hazards For Boxer Dogs Wintertime can be lots of fun for …

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Cancer-free Boxer dog lies on ground

Boxer Dog Cancer: 7 Ways Owners Can Lower The Risk

Boxers are referred to by some vets as “cancer factories” but it’s not a foregone conclusion that your Boxer will develop this disease. Enough is understood about the causes of cancer that owners can take steps to protect their dogs. Boxer owners can avoid many known cancer risk factors if they: feed a raw, natural …

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13 Tips For Keeping A Boxer Cool

You will have noticed that your Boxer really feels the heat. Dogs sweat through the paw pads and by panting. The Boxer’s brachycephalic (short-nosed) head packs all the same nasal structures into a much more compact space than in dogs with longer noses. As a result, some Boxers can find it harder to regulate their …

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Boxer dog rolls on back in delight

Boxer Gear

These products delight us. We know this gear is good because we personally use it in our daily life. Each and every item that makes our list has been roadtested by Shiva and is guaranteed Boxer appropriate.

Boxer owner with her dog

Game-Changing Gear For Boxer Owners

Every new owner is familiar with the basic shopping list: you need a collar and a leash, a dog bed, a water bowl. Perhaps, for a Boxer, you even know you need a nail grinder and a slow feeder. Here are 6 next-level appliances you won’t find at the pet shop, but which every Boxer …

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