What To Expect When You Get A Boxer Dog: Traits, Personality and Temperament

Boxer dog traits can be simultaneously endearing and challenging. Before deciding a Boxer is the right breed for you, it’s worth understanding the full range of Boxer dog traits, so you know what to expect from your puppy’s temperament. This article will tackle the most common questions prospective owners have about the temperament of the …

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Do Boxers Sleep A Lot?

How much sleep a Boxer dog needs depends on factors including their age, activity levels and health. A Boxer will generally sleep about half the day in total, dozing whenever there is a lull in activity. Your Boxer’s sleep habits, like his bowel and urinary habits, are worth keeping an eye on as they can …

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How Much Exercise Does A Boxer Need?

The amount of exercise a Boxer requires (and the type of exercise) is important to understand before deciding the breed is right for you. Boxers are active dogs and need daily opportunities to go for brisk walks, but also to engage in a variety of activities including running free off leash, exercising their minds and …

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Boxer Health Testing: Important But No Guarantee

Reputable breeders thoroughly screen Boxers for several conditions known to have a genetic basis, in order to help prevent puppies inheriting preventable diseases. Standard health testing for the Boxer breed detects three types of heart disease, thyroid dysfunction, hip/elbow dysplasia and the progressive neurological disorder called degenerative myelopathy. The tests range from DNA to ultrasounds, …

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The Boxer Breed Standard: How Should An Ideal Boxer Look?

Boxer breed standards vary throughout the world but all Boxers should have certain traits in common. Perhaps the most distinctive features of the Boxer dog, as described in the breed standard as it applies in the United States, are a: Boxy head Short nose Lean, shapely physique with a deep chest tapering to a defined …

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Boxer dog with reverse sneezing

Reverse Sneezing In Boxers: Should You Be Worried?

Reverse sneezing is a common but harmless respiratory event that sometimes affects Boxers. Characterized by a spasm of snorting, reverse sneezing often causes alarm to owners who haven’t seen it before. Reverse sneezing in Boxers can be triggered by irritants entering the nose and throat. No treatment is necessary but there are a few things …

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Boxer dogs are not for everyone and it's important to be aware of the breed's pros and cons

Why You Should Not Get A Boxer: 12 Cons Of The Breed

Boxers are wonderful dogs, but the breed is not for everyone. The pros of owning a Boxer include their hilarious antics and affectionate natures …but the cons are not insignificant in that Boxers shed a lot for a short-haired breed, can be stubborn and are prone to a number of health problems — particularly when not …

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