Miniature Boxer dog beside Boxer and Boston Terrier

Are Miniature Boxers Real?

So called “miniature Boxers” are the result of mating a Boxer with a smaller breed, often a Boston Terrier. As such, these dogs are neither Boxers, nor a new breed in their own right. The American Kennel Club does not recognize “hybrid” dogs created by crossing two existing breeds. What Breeds Make a Mini Boxer? …

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Boxer of either European, American or British type

What Is The Difference Between American Boxers And European Boxers?

Can you tell whether the Boxer in the photograph is from European or American bloodlines? Or perhaps it’s a UK Boxer? In general, American Boxers are more slender and fine boned, whereas their European counterparts are stockier and heavier in the front quarters. There can also be differences in temperament. British (and Australian) Boxers tend …

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Boxer dog air licking

Why Do Boxers Lick The Air? It Could Be Acid Reflux

An often overlooked cause of air licking in Boxers is acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Your dog may appear to compulsively lick the air, usually accompanied by a strange array of other symptoms — some clearly indicative of stomach upset and others harder to make sense of. Attacks can happen regularly or …

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When Do Boxers Stop Growing?

During the first year of his life, your pup will shoot up before your eyes. As he outgrows beds and crates and collars before they’re barely broken in, you may wonder if it’ll ever stop. Though a Boxer will have reached almost full height by around 12 to 18 months, the body and musculature will …

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Are Male Or Female Boxers Better Pets?

Owning a male Boxer is a little different to owning a female. There are practical considerations that may influence your preference for a male over a female Boxer, or vice versa. The most obvious differences between male and female Boxers are that a female will have heat cycles and a male will engage in scent-marking …

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Are Boxers And Bulldogs Related?

Lovers of the Boxer might wonder whether their dogs are from the same stock as that other squishy-faced, jowly breed, the Bulldog. The Boxer and Bulldog breeds are related insofar as they share a common history. Both were developed from the now-extinct Bullenbeisser breed, a Mastiff-type hunting dog also known as the German Bulldog. Today, …

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