Boxer dog eating grass

Why Do Boxer Dogs Eat Grass?

If your Boxer is munching on the occasional blade of grass, it’s unlikely to be a sign anything is wrong. Grass eating is a common behavior in dogs, including wolves. Contrary to popular belief, it’s only rarely associated with a dog feeling sick, and doesn’t ordinarily lead to vomiting. Perhaps the most plausible explanation for …

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Boxer dog for adoption at animal shelter

Thinking Of Adopting A Boxer? Read This First

Boxers consistently rank among America’s most loved dogs, but the large number of Boxer-specific rescue agencies speaks to the challenges that accompany the breed. While adopting an adult Boxer has advantages over getting a brand new puppy, like avoiding the trials of potty training, rescues come with baggage that can include behavior problems and already-compromised …

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Boxer puppy with smart bump on head

Eggheaded Boxer Puppy? Here’s What It Means

Owners sometimes worry when they notice a prominent bump on the top of their Boxer puppy’s head. An eggheaded or coneheaded appearance in a Boxer pup is not a defect and will flatten out as your dog matures. Not all Boxer puppies have a pronounced doming of the head. Some believe pointed heads in Boxer …

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Miniature Boxer dog beside Boxer and Boston Terrier

Are Miniature Boxers Real?

So called “miniature Boxers” are the result of mating a Boxer with a smaller breed, often a Boston Terrier. As such, these dogs are neither Boxers, nor a new breed in their own right. The American Kennel Club does not recognize “hybrid” dogs created by crossing two existing breeds. What Breeds Make a Mini Boxer? …

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Boxer of either European, American or British type

What Is The Difference Between American Boxers And European Boxers?

Can you tell whether the Boxer in the photograph is from European or American bloodlines? Or perhaps it’s a UK Boxer? In general, American Boxers are more slender and fine boned, whereas their European counterparts are stockier and heavier in the front quarters. There can also be differences in temperament. British (and Australian) Boxers tend …

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