Boxer puppy yet to be named

How To Come Up With A Good Name For A Boxer

Naming your new Boxer, like most things to do with dog ownership, is not a task you should outsource. It’s common for expectant puppy parents to read lists of dog names or post a picture and ask for suggestions on Facebook, settling on a name before they’ve even met their Boxer in person. While lists …

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Boxer dog with heart murmur

So Your Boxer Has A Heart Murmur? Don’t Panic. Read This

If a vet detects a murmur in your Boxer’s heart, it’s important to understand how serious the murmur is and what’s caused it. Heart murmurs are relatively common in Boxers but most are mild and don’t automatically mean the dog has underlying heart disease. What Is A Heart Murmur In Boxer Dogs? A heart murmur …

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A purebred Boxer being examined at dog show

How To Tell If A Boxer Is Purebred

Sometimes owners are told – by strangers at the dog park or by vets or trainers — that their Boxers “don’t look purebred” or “aren’t full Boxer”. Though you can’t go solely off looks, you can generally tell whether a Boxer is full blooded or a mix by examining the dog’s features and seeing how …

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Boxer dog available for adoption at rescue organization

Where To Find A Boxer Available For Adoption Near You

Across the US, there is at least one Boxer-specific rescue organization operating in almost every state. Texas is home to seven different adoption agencies dedicated to Boxers. Florida, six. California, Washington state, Michigan, North Carolina and New Jersey each have four Boxer rescue groups. Be aware that, unless explicitly serving multiple states, Boxer rescues generally …

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Boxer dog in first heat

When Your Boxer Goes Into Heat: What To Expect

There is a lot to understand about managing an unspayed female Boxer’s heat cycles. As the owner of a sexually intact female, you will want to know how to read the signs she’s going into heat, how to keep your girl comfortable and how to recognize if something has gone wrong with her reproductive system …

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Fun Gifts For Boxer Lovers In 2021

Boxer owners can be a little … shall we say, obsessed! What better way to honor that devotion than a Boxer-themed gift for the Boxer lover in your life? (Or for yourself!) Our wishlist is packed with inexpensive, yet thoughtful, gifts that are sure to delight Boxer moms and dads on any occasion. Boxer Dog …

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Boxer Puppy Growth And Development: An Owner’s Guide

By the time your Boxer puppy comes home, she’s already passed through several stages of growth and development, but a critical phase is just beginning. Major milestones in your Boxer’s growth and development range from weaning and early socialization with the litter to rehoming and establishment in the hierarchy of the new family. Understanding the …

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