Boxer dog sniffs cup of milk

Can Boxer Dogs Drink Milk?

Your Boxer won’t drop dead from stealing a few laps of milk from your glass, but there is no reason to deliberately have your dog drink milk. Dogs have no biological requirement for the milk of another species. This means milk is not necessary in a dog’s diet — and the nutrients it contains are readily …

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Should Boxers Eat Grain-Free Food?

Confusion surrounds the topic of grain-free dog food, which used to be associated with higher quality products but which more recently came under investigation by the FDA for a potential link with the heart condition dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). Boxer owners are understandably concerned about this, given DCM — enlargement of the heart that can be …

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Boxer puppy with apple

Why Your Boxer Should Eat Apples

Apples are more than alright for your Boxer to eat. Cheap and readily available, apples are packed with health benefits for your Boxer, offering anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and gut balancing effects. Apple skin is a plentiful source of the plant compound quercetin — called “Nature’s Benadryl” on account of its antihistamine properties. Nutritional Content Of Apples One …

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How Much To Feed A Boxer Dog

How much a Boxer needs to eat depends on his weight, life stage and activity levels. As a rough guide, a Boxer will consume 3 to 5 per cent of his ideal bodyweight in fresh, raw food. So, an 18-month-old Boxer with an ideal weight of 31kg might eat about 1.2kg worth of meat, bones …

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Boxer eating watermelon

Can Boxers Eat Watermelon?

Boxers can eat watermelon safely, and most love it. When feeding watermelon to your Boxer, avoid the tough rind, and opt for a seedless variety. Watermelon won’t provide many calories, but it does offer plenty of health benefits for dogs including hydration, weight loss and urinary health. It’s best to feed watermelon on its own …

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Slow feeder bowls for Boxer dogs

How To Choose The Best Bowl For A Boxer

Food and water bowls for Boxers have slightly different requirements than bowls for other dogs. It’s important that bowls for Boxers be: floor-level (not raised) slow feeders made from non-toxic materials easy to clean non-slip The best choice for water bowls is a high-quality glass but many of the most effective slow feeders are made …

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Can Boxers Eat Chicken?

Chicken is perfectly suitable for Boxers when fed in the right way. Chicken is a nutritious and affordable food and Boxers do well consuming this white meat as part of a balanced diet. It is a great source of edible bone and should be fed raw — just as dogs have always consumed their meats and …

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What To Feed A Boxer Puppy

Despite the popularity of convenience foods like kibble, Boxer puppies do best on a fresh, natural canine diet. The essential components of an optimal diet for a Boxer puppy are: edible raw, meaty bones (chicken wings, necks, carcasses) lean muscle meat (beef, chicken, rabbit, kangaroo, venison, goat etc) offal (secreting organs like liver, kidney, pancreas) …

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