Are Pig Ears Safe For Boxers?

Chews are important as an outlet for your dog’s natural instinct to gnaw on things, and pig’s ears are stocked in most pet stores — but does that mean they’re a healthy choice? Unfortunately, pig’s ears rival rawhide for the dubious distinction of being the worst chews you can give your Boxer dog. From choking and …

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Boxer dog sniffs cup of milk

Can Boxer Dogs Drink Milk?

Your Boxer won’t drop dead from stealing a few laps of milk from your glass, but there is no reason to deliberately have your dog drink milk. Dogs have no biological requirement for the milk of another species. This means milk is not necessary in a dog’s diet — and the nutrients it contains are readily …

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Should Boxers Eat Grain-Free Food?

Confusion surrounds the topic of grain-free dog food, which used to be associated with higher quality products but which more recently came under investigation by the FDA for a potential link with the heart condition dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). Boxer owners are understandably concerned about this, given DCM — enlargement of the heart that can be …

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