Boxer dog during a fast

9 Reasons You Should Fast Your Boxer

We all want to raise Boxers bursting with health and vitality, yet few of us are aware of one of the most powerful ways we can do this: fasting. By fasting your Boxer as part of his regular dietary routine, you can promote optimal health, prevent disease and often resolve symptoms without medication. Fasting is …

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The #1 Best Dog Food For Boxers

Deciding which dog food to feed your Boxer in order to provide the very best nutrition is one of the most important aspects of dog ownership, and many of us get it wrong in the beginning. While the majority of Boxer owners still feed kibble and other convenience foods, the best dog food for Boxers, …

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Boxer dog being fed human food like peanut butter

Can Boxers Eat Peanut Butter (And Other Human Food)?

Owners often want to give their Boxers human foods like peanut butter, yogurt, cheese, garlic and honey. As a general rule, the occasional all natural treat derived from whole foods won’t do your Boxer any harm, but it’s best to avoid processed human foods. A good guide for deciding whether a human food is appropriate …

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Boxer diagnosed with food allergies waits for dinner

Food Allergies: What Every Boxer Owner Should Know

It is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about Boxers that they are prone to food allergies. Most often, skin itching, stomach upsets and ear problems deemed food allergies are actually a Boxer dog’s normal reaction to a biologically inappropriate diet — the usual culprit being kibble. If you are being told — including by conventionally-trained vets …

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Boxer dog that ate chicken bones

Help! My Boxer Ate Chicken Bones

Sooner or later your Boxer is likely to have a “dietary indiscretion” like raiding the trash or stealing a spicy chicken wing — it happens to the most careful owners. What to do if your Boxer eats something she shouldn’t depends on exactly what has been swallowed: eating a small cooked chicken bone may carry a …

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Pancreatitis In Boxers: Causes And The Cure

Pancreatitis is a painful and serious condition involving inflammation of the pancreas, the organ responsible for producing both digestive enzymes and insulin to regulate blood sugar. While the causes have not traditionally been well understood, with a large, fatty meal usually blamed, latest research suggests most cases of pancreatitis in Boxers are related to the …

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