Good whole foods to supplement a Boxer dog's diet

Best Supplements For Boxer Dogs

Owners looking to do the best for their Boxer dogs often reach for supplements because of their perceived health benefits, whether for joint support or a shiny coat. If you want to supplement your Boxer’s diet with added vitamins or minerals, it’s best to provide nutrient-rich whole foods, rather than resort to commercially-manufactured pills and …

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A Boxer puppy eats food bad for Boxer dogs

5 Foods Your Boxer Should Never Eat (Plus 1 Drink)

It goes without saying that Boxers should not eat processed foods like sweets, fast food or other junk food designed for human consumption. But there are a host of other inappropriate foods that threaten to do more than upset your Boxer’s stomach and which can result in a veterinary emergency or sow the seeds of …

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Fruits A Boxer Can (And Should) Eat

Boxer dogs can eat just about any fruit, with the exception of grapes. Fruit is a natural secondary food for dogs, and Boxers will enjoy a range of fruit including banana, apple, blueberries and mango. To promote the most efficient digestion of plant matter, it’s important to feed fruit to your Boxer the right way: …

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Boxer dog eating fast

8 Tips For Stopping Your Boxer Eating Too Fast

It’s not uncommon for Boxer owners to observe their dogs eating too fast. Rapid eating is something you shouldn’t allow your Boxer to do, because it comes with the risk of a deadly condition called bloat or gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), which deep-chested breeds are already predisposed to. Luckily, there are lots of ways to …

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Boxer dog not eating beside food bowl

Boxer Not Eating? Causes And What To Do

When a Boxer suddenly stops eating, or gradually loses appetite, owners are understandably concerned. While a Boxer not eating can occasionally indicate a major problem like a blockage or poisoning, in the absence of other signs of illness, it’s not usually cause for alarm. A refusal to eat, however, is a very good reason to …

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Boxer dog poops in park

Reasons Boxers Eat Poop (And Why It’s OK)

There are multiple reasons why Boxers sometimes eat their own poop, that of other dogs, or sample the droppings of another species altogether. What it means when a Boxer dog eats poop depends on the particular dog and situation. Poop eating in Boxers can be: Healthy canine behavior to populate the gut with microbes and …

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