Boxer dog displaying one of the breed's many amusing behaviors, the head tilt.

Your Boxer’s Funny Behaviors, Explained

How many times have you wondered what your Boxer is thinking when he does the things he does? Boxers have an extensive array of quirky behaviors that set them apart from the average dog and make us laugh on the daily — it’s why we love them so much. But what causes those crazy Boxer antics? …

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The Zoomies In Boxers: Causes And What They Mean

The zoomies are something that need no definition if you have a Boxer in your life. Every Boxer owner is familiar with the sudden rush of energy and pure joie de vivre that prompts the mad dashing about known as “the zoomies”. These spontaneous outbursts actually have a formal name: they are a kind of …

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Deaf white Boxer in training

How To Train A Deaf Boxer

Training a deaf Boxer, like training any dog, requires commitment and patience. If your Boxer is deaf, you will apply the same principles as for training a hearing dog, but you’ll need to use different cues. Useful ways of communicating with a deaf Boxer include hand signals, facial expressions, body language — and perhaps a flashlight …

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Boxer dog trained with a clicker

“Click!” Is This The Missing Link In Your Boxer’s Training?

Whether you have a brand new puppy or your adult Boxer doesn’t listen, using a clicker is the fastest and most effective way to communicate with your dog and condition good behavior. Clicker training is a positive reinforcement technique that will give you the power to rapidly teach your Boxer dog how to do absolutely …

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Boxer dog looks scared

Is Your Boxer Scared Of Everything? How To Deal With Anxiety In Boxer Dogs

Boxers are larger than life dogs and that same quality can amplify any fear they feel.  As a breed, Boxers are actually renowned for being fearless and generally have robust temperaments, if a little prone to overexcitement when young.  However, some owners do report fear and anxiety in their Boxers.  Fear in Boxer dogs is …

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