Boxer of either European, American or British type

What Is The Difference Between American Boxers And European Boxers?

Can you tell whether the Boxer in the photograph is from European or American bloodlines? Or perhaps it’s a UK Boxer? In general, American Boxers are more slender and fine boned, whereas their European counterparts are stockier and heavier in the front quarters. There can also be differences in temperament. British (and Australian) Boxers tend …

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Boxer puppy with one eye that looks red

Why Are My Boxer’s Eyes Red?

Your Boxer’s eyes should not be overly red and certainly not irritated. There are several causes of red eyes in Boxers, ranging from foreign bodies and injuries to disorders like cherry eye and inward-turning eyelids. Another, often overlooked, cause of eye inflammation and discharge is an underlying level of toxicity in the body as a …

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Young, unneutered Boxer

When Should I Neuter Or Spay My Boxer?

An extraordinary amount of misinformation surrounds the topic of neutering. Despite the normalization of this procedure, the overwhelming weight of current scientific evidence suggests that removing a Boxer’s sex organs increases the likelihood of many serious diseases that are non-existent or significantly less prevalent in intact dogs. The diseases made more likely by neutering include …

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Boxer dog with hives

Why Do Boxers Get Hives?

Hives are a skin rash defined by welts or swellings that usually appear suddenly. They may or may not be very itchy. According to the veterinary literature, hives are relatively uncommon in dogs. That might be the theory. In practice, Boxer groups are awash with welts and swollen faces. Owners quote the dosage for Benadryl …

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