Are Boxers Good Guard Dogs?

The idea that their goofy, fun loving boofhead could be a fearsome guard dog might make some Boxer owners guffaw, but the breed has historically been used for precisely this purpose. In The Boxer, the definitive account of the breed published in 1939, John Wagner says, “As a defender of the person and the property …

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Boxer focused on water droplets

Should Boxer Dogs Drink Tap Water?

Owners are increasingly aware of the need to avoid additives and to carefully scrutinize the ingredients in their dogs’ food. But many of us don’t think twice about filling our dog’s water bowl straight from the tap. It might surprise the average Boxer owner to learn that avoiding tap water is a powerful way to …

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Boxer tugs on a cloth

How To Stop Your Boxer Chewing Everything

Boxers are highly intelligent dogs, very active both physically and mentally. If a Boxer is engaging in destructive chewing behaviors, he is probably bored, anxious or (if it’s a puppy) teething. To stop a Boxer chewing inappropriate things: Provide lots of exercise and mental stimulation Offer appealing alternatives to chew on Boxer-proof your home Gradually …

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Boxer dog with drawing of a bone

Can Boxers Eat Bones?

Boxer dogs can eat bones, as long as they are raw. Raw meaty bones are the foundation of a fresh, natural canine diet, delivering many health benefits. Bones are nutritional powerhouses. They are also “nature’s toothbrush”, with proven ability to remove dental calculus. The benefits of bones for Boxer dogs include: nutritional benefits dental health …

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Boxer dog with high prey drive chases a butterfly

Do Boxers Have High Prey Drive? (And How To Use It In Training)

Boxers can have very strong prey drive, albeit packaged within a sweet temperament. With their heritage as a hunting dog, Boxers have been selectively bred for their prey drive, which is the powerful natural instinct to pursue and catch fast-moving animals, or objects. Historically, hunters harnessed Boxers’ prey drive, using them to chase and hold …

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White boxer with docked tail at beach

Why Do They Dock Boxer Dog Tails?

The docking of Boxers’ tails is a hangover from when their ancestors were used as hunting dogs, used to hold down large, fierce prey. Historically, Boxers’ tails were docked to protect from injury. It was thought that a short tail would be harder for beasts like wild boar and bears to grab. Now, tail docking …

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