Boxer dog waiting for pain meds

What Can I Give My Boxer For Pain?

At some point in his life, your Boxer is unfortunately likely to require pain relief. Before dosing your Boxer with pain medication, it’s important to understand that many of the most commonly used drugs, like non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or NSAIDs, come with troublesome side effects. As a Boxer owner, you will want to do everything possible …

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Can I Give My Boxer Benadryl? Cautions And Alternatives

Owners frequently suggest Benadryl to each other for their Boxers, and many vets are willing to recommend this over-the-counter drug for allergy-like symptoms. Despite its availability and popularity, Benadryl is not a medication you should give to your Boxer lightly — or in lieu of addressing the underlying cause of the hives or the itching. …

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Do Boxers Sleep A Lot?

How much sleep a Boxer dog needs depends on factors including their age, activity levels and health. A Boxer will generally sleep about half the day in total, dozing whenever there is a lull in activity. Your Boxer’s sleep habits, like his bowel and urinary habits, are worth keeping an eye on as they can …

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How Much Exercise Does A Boxer Need?

The amount of exercise a Boxer requires (and the type of exercise) is important to understand before deciding the breed is right for you. Boxers are active dogs and need daily opportunities to go for brisk walks, but also to engage in a variety of activities including running free off leash, exercising their minds and …

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Joint Problems In Boxers: Causes, Care And How To Prevent

Joint problems are painful and debilitating conditions that can rob a Boxer of his joie de vivre and, ultimately, his mobility. Hip dysplasia and other joint issues can affect Boxers as a result of an interplay of factors encompassing genetics, nutrition, neutering and exercise. How a Boxer is managed during puppyhood, when bones and their …

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