Boxer with strong prey drive chases butterfly

Do Boxers Have High Prey Drive? (And How To Use It In Training)

Boxers can have very strong prey drive, albeit packaged within a sweet temperament. With their heritage as a hunting dog, Boxers have been selectively bred for their prey drive, which is the powerful natural instinct to pursue and catch fast-moving animals, or objects. Historically, hunters harnessed Boxers’ prey drive, using them to chase and hold …

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White boxer with docked tail on beach

Why Do They Dock Boxer Dog Tails?

The docking of Boxers’ tails is a hangover from when their ancestors were used as hunting dogs, used to hold down large, fierce prey. Historically, Boxers’ tails were docked to protect from injury. It was thought that a short tail would be harder for beasts like wild boar and bears to grab. Now, tail docking …

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Boxer eating from raised food bowl, which is not recommended

Should Boxers Eat From Raised Food Bowls?

Conflicting advice abounds on the question of raised or floor-level bowls for Boxer dogs. Boxers should always eat from floor-level dishes and never raised bowls. Elevated platforms have been found to increase the risk of bloat, a deadly condition most commonly affecting deep-chested breeds. This is the exact opposite of what was advised in the …

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White boxer with spots

Why Does My White Boxer Have Black Spots?

Typically a white Boxer is pure white at birth, aside from any patches. It is normal for a Boxer to develop spots as it grows. The markings are caused by the pigment melanin, which makes freckles and birthmarks in humans. In Boxers, the color can be on just the skin, or on the coat as …

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