Boxer Health Testing: Important But No Guarantee

Reputable breeders thoroughly screen Boxers for several conditions known to have a genetic basis, in order to help prevent puppies inheriting preventable diseases. Standard health testing for the Boxer breed detects three types of heart disease, thyroid dysfunction, hip/elbow dysplasia and the progressive neurological disorder called degenerative myelopathy. The tests range from DNA to ultrasounds, …

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The Boxer Breed Standard: How Should An Ideal Boxer Look?

Boxer breed standards vary throughout the world but all Boxers should have certain traits in common. Perhaps the most distinctive features of the Boxer dog, as described in the breed standard as it applies in the United States, are a: Boxy head Short nose Lean, shapely physique with a deep chest tapering to a defined …

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Boxer dog with a grooming mitt suitable for the breed's short but shedding coat

Top 5 Best Brushes For Boxers

For a short-haired breed, Boxers do benefit from a considerable amount of regular brushing. Our number one recommendation for grooming your Boxer is a deshedding mitt, with a curry comb-style brush a very close second. Brushing your Boxer frequently: Keeps the coat in top condition by sloughing off dead skin cells and loose hairs Stimulates …

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Boxer wearing a leash suitable for the breed

Top 5 Best Leashes For Boxers (And 1 To Avoid)

You might think a leash is a leash, but certain types of leash will serve you better than others as you walk and train your Boxer dog. From a braided fleece leash that can double as a tug toy, to a waterproof long line for recall training or a waist-attaching bungee for hands free jogging …

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Boxer dog with reverse sneezing

Reverse Sneezing In Boxers: Should You Be Worried?

Reverse sneezing is a common but harmless respiratory event that sometimes affects Boxers. Characterized by a spasm of snorting, reverse sneezing often causes alarm to owners who haven’t seen it before. Reverse sneezing in Boxers can be triggered by irritants entering the nose and throat. No treatment is necessary but there are a few things …

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Boxer diagnosed with food allergies waits for dinner

Food Allergies: What Every Boxer Owner Should Know

It is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about Boxers that they are prone to food allergies. Most often, skin itching, stomach upsets and ear problems deemed food allergies are actually a Boxer dog’s normal reaction to a biologically inappropriate diet — the usual culprit being kibble. If you are being told — including by conventionally-trained vets …

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Does Your Boxer Have A UTI? Understanding Urinary Symptoms

Urinary tract infection is the first thing many owners think when they notice a change in their Boxer’s bladder habits. Blood in your Boxer’s urine, accidents in the house and straining to pee often result in a diagnosis of bacterial UTI, followed by antibiotics — but this is not the only possible explanation, or course of …

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