Can Boxers Go To The Snow?

Boxers generally delight in a wintery playground, but should never stay out too long. Temperature is just the most obvious of several potential hazards to be aware of if you’re living in a cold climate with your Boxer or visiting the snow. Cold Weather Hazards For Boxer Dogs Wintertime can be lots of fun for …

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Miniature Boxer dog beside Boxer and Boston Terrier

Are Miniature Boxers Real?

So called “miniature Boxers” are the result of mating a Boxer with a smaller breed, often a Boston Terrier. As such, these dogs are neither Boxers, nor a new breed in their own right. The American Kennel Club does not recognize “hybrid” dogs created by crossing two existing breeds. What Breeds Make a Mini Boxer? …

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Boxer of either European, American or British type

What Is The Difference Between American Boxers And European Boxers?

Can you tell whether the Boxer in the photograph is from European or American bloodlines? Or perhaps it’s a UK Boxer? In general, American Boxers are more slender and fine boned, whereas their European counterparts are stockier and heavier in the front quarters. There can also be differences in temperament. British (and Australian) Boxers tend …

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Boxer dog sniffs cup of milk

Can Boxer Dogs Drink Milk?

Your Boxer won’t drop dead from stealing a few laps of milk from your glass, but there is no reason to deliberately have your dog drink milk. Dogs have no biological requirement for the milk of another species. This means milk is not necessary in a dog’s diet — and the nutrients it contains are readily …

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Boxer dog air licking

Why Do Boxers Lick The Air? It Could Be Acid Reflux

An often overlooked cause of air licking in Boxers is acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Your dog may appear to compulsively lick the air, usually accompanied by a strange array of other symptoms — some clearly indicative of stomach upset and others harder to make sense of. Attacks can happen regularly or …

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