Itchy Boxer dog skin

7 Reasons Your Boxer Has Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is a common complaint in Boxers, as it is in other breeds, but the cause is often overlooked and the dog unnecessarily medicated. When a Boxer constantly scratches, it is usually a reflection of a highly processed diet, kibble being the chief culprit. Other sources of itching in Boxers include the ingestion or …

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Boxer dog with hives

Why Do Boxers Get Hives?

Hives are a skin rash defined by welts or swellings that usually appear suddenly. They may or may not be very itchy. According to the veterinary literature, hives are relatively uncommon in dogs. That might be the theory. In practice, Boxer groups are awash with welts and swollen faces. Owners quote the dosage for Benadryl …

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