A purebred Boxer being examined at dog show

How To Tell If A Boxer Is Purebred

Sometimes owners are told – by strangers at the dog park or by vets or trainers — that their Boxers “don’t look purebred” or “aren’t full Boxer”. Though you can’t go solely on looks, you can generally tell whether a Boxer is full blooded or a mix by examining the dog’s features and seeing how …

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Miniature Boxer dog beside Boxer and Boston Terrier

Are Miniature Boxers Real?

So called “miniature Boxers” are the result of mating a Boxer with a smaller breed, often a Boston Terrier. As such, these dogs are neither Boxers, nor a new breed in their own right. The American Kennel Club does not recognize “hybrid” dogs created by crossing two existing breeds. What Breeds Make a Mini Boxer? …

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