A purebred Boxer being examined at dog show

How To Tell If A Boxer Is Purebred

Sometimes owners are told – by strangers at the dog park or by vets or trainers — that their Boxers “don’t look purebred” or “aren’t full Boxer”. Though you can’t go solely on looks, you can generally tell whether a Boxer is full blooded or a mix by examining the dog’s features and seeing how …

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Boxer of either European, American or British type

What Is The Difference Between American Boxers And European Boxers?

Can you tell whether the Boxer in the photograph is from European or American bloodlines? Or perhaps it’s a UK Boxer? In general, American Boxers are more slender and fine boned, whereas their European counterparts are stockier and heavier in the front quarters. There can also be differences in temperament. British (and Australian) Boxers tend …

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