Boxer dog with bad breath

Why Your Boxer Has Bad Breath

While a dog’s mouth mightn’t smell minty fresh, it shouldn’t have a foul odor. If your Boxer’s breath smells bad, it’s most likely a sign of poor oral health due to a kibble or homecooked diet that doesn’t include raw meaty bones. Bones are nature’s toothbrush and without them the state of a dog’s teeth …

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Boxer dog eating raw meaty bone

Can Boxers Eat Bones?

Boxer dogs can eat bones, as long as they are raw. Raw meaty bones are the foundation of a fresh, natural canine diet, delivering many health benefits. Bones are nutritional powerhouses. They are also “Nature’s toothbrush”, with proven ability to remove dental calculus. The benefits of bones for Boxer dogs include: Nutritional benefits Dental health …

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