Boxer dog having head bobbing known as idiopathic head tremors

Boxer Head Bobbing Or Tremors: Causes And What To Do

Head bobbing in Boxers is not well understood but the condition is thought to be benign, insofar as it causes no distress, pain or damage to the dog. Also known as idiopathic head tremors, head bobbing affects otherwise healthy Boxers, and usually lasts for a few minutes, during which the head shakes uncontrollably but the …

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Boxer drinking from hose

Should Boxer Dogs Drink Tap Water?

Owners are increasingly aware of the need to avoid additives and to carefully scrutinize the ingredients in their dogs’ food. But many of us don’t think twice about filling our dog’s water bowl straight from the tap. It might surprise the average Boxer owner to learn that avoiding tap water is a powerful way to …

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